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Projects26 Sep 2017

GLOW: Monarch Lane

GLOW creates a new place made from existing urban elements… Drawing with light in our city, GLOW creates a new place made from existing urban elements. GLOW invites […]
Writing14 Feb 2017

McBride Charles Ryan: Metaphors of Knowledge

McBride Charles Ryan: Metaphors of Knowledge What can architecture offer to education, beyond simply providing functional spaces that address different pedagogical requirements? The great body of educational architecture […]
Writing6 Dec 2015

A Question of Culture

A Question of Culture: Guest editorial of Issue 143 of AR Magazine by Christine Phillips,  Stuart Harrison & Simon Knott “Culture is a big idea and there is […]
News25 Oct 2015

Testing for LSB 2016: GLOW, St. Kilda

OpenHAUS has been invited to participate in the 2016 Lorne Sculpture Biennale.  We spent an evening recently in St Kilda testing the pragmatics and ideas behind the GLOW […]
Writing6 Sep 2015

Ignited Imagination

Ignited Imagination McBride Charles Ryan’s design for the new Penleigh and Essendon Junior Boys School is an outstanding result of the Federal Government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) […]
Writing24 Apr 2015

Parlour: How to be ‘notable’

Some thoughts on notablity… “Acknowledging women’s broader roles within the profession shifts architecture’s emphasis on individual notability to an understanding that to create truly notable works it takes […]
Writing20 Dec 2011

ADR’s Top 10 Features for 2011

Our opinion piece “The Australian Pavilion in Venice: art over architecture, or privilege over opportunity?” on the Australian Design Review was a top story in 2011. “Tania Davidge […]